Joint symposium on program and model transformations

Bergen, Norway 26-27/5-2014
The symposium will be arranged by University of Bergen and Bergen University College.

The main purpose of the symposium is to gather people interested in transformations and related techniques for software development.
The symposium will be held in an informal atmosphere that hopefully will stimulate discussions.

Topics of interest:

Bidirectional transformations:

  • Abstract/concrete syntaxes
  • Information preservation

Analysis and correctness of transformations

  • Verification/model checking
  • Theorem proving
  • Reasoning systems for transformations
  • Transformation invariants (constraints)

Transformations and behavioural systems
Transformation systems

  • Declarative vs. procedural definition of transformations
  • Sequential vs. concurrent execution of transformations

Transformations and service oriented systems

  • Web services
  • Grid services
  • Cloud services

The format of the symposium will be a 2 day workshop with invited talks.
It will be a mixture of established researchers and PhD students.
The participants should write an abstract (1-2 pages) of their contribution, the abstracts will be published as a technical report.

There will be a symposium dinner the evening 26/5. 

For further questions contact the organisers Anya Helene Bagge or Yngve Lamo

Published on  May 7th, 2014